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This Om Trinity Earrings make a statement that you are spiritual and embrace every religion and walks of life. 
By wearing this set will represent who you are and where you are coming from. A very elegant and spiritual set worn by someone who pursues both inner and outer beauty.
“Om” or ॐ Firstly, “Om” or ॐ represents a sacred sound. The first sound of the Universe. It is a popular mantra used for meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism. 
Also, the om Symbol Meaning symbolizes the soul or self within in Hinduism. It refers to Atman and Brahman. 
Therefore, Om symbolizes the divine, truth, cosmic principles, universe, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, energy, etc.

Om Trinity Necklace

SKU: 20180302
  • 18k Gold Plated Silver, Mother of Pearl 

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